Southside Youth Program

The Southside Youth Program will be opening on August 18th.

The Center will open after school on full school days or at 1:00 p.m. on early out days or when there is no school.

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The InterServ Youth Center (Wesley Center) offers safe and fun After-School and Latch Key programs for elementary, junior and senior high school youth. Southside Youth is the place to go. Your friends are there. It’s a safe fun place. Beyond the pick up basketball game or shooting some pool there are other things going on at Southside Youth.
Our newest initiative is LEAPR (Learning to Eat And Play Right) which is funded by a United Way HELP Grant and is a partnership project with Second Harvest Community Food Bank. Every week youth learn about healthy foods, make nutritious snacks and participate in various exercise activities.

Approved funding provides support for this program. The United Way of Greater St. Joseph as well as Community Development Block Grant funding by the City of St. Joseph, the Second Harvest Food Bank of St. Joseph and chuch based funding allows for the doors to this program to remain open to serve youth in need in St. Joseph and the surrounding area.

Summer Jam & Summer Spike

Over 1,000 youth participate in our Summer basketball and volleyball leagues. These leagues give youth the chance to participate in an organized, competitive and violence-free environment. On a warm Summer night you will find the real hot spot is at Bode Sports Complex where fans and friends are all gathered for Summer Jam basketball. Harlem Globetrotters legend Meadowlark Lemon called it the best youth basketball league he had ever seen! We offer a safe league for basketball and volleyball where kids can compete and have fun. We also provide first jobs to many of the youth who are scorekeepers, some of whom eventually train to become high school referees. Jam/Spike Photo Gallery -

The Wesley Weightlifters

A part of that Program is an Olympic weightlifting program, Team Wesley, that has produced numerous national champions, United States Olympic Weightlifting Team members and world-class youth who know the value of hard work to achieve their goals in sports and in life. Perhaps no otherprogram has been so visible and successful as Team Wesley. We boast national titles, world class athletes, Olympic coaches and athletes, and trophies galore. But what you may not know is that many of the youth who have lifted weights at Wesley Center have had the opportunity to go to college and pursue careers because of their participation in weightlifting. It takes hard work and dedication to succeed in weightlifting. Most of our youth willnever be Olympians. But the lessons they learn from weightlifting will serve them well in life.